Meeting on alien pond terrapins management

On 21 March, an important discussion on the management of alien pond terrapins species took place at the University of Milano Statale. Jointly organised by Life URCA PROEMYS and the University of Berne, it brought together the experiences of veterinarians, universities and active managers of exotic tortoises in CRAS and regional Conservation Centres to try to define sustainable and applicable management guidelines and methods.
In addition to the project partners URCA Cesbin, WWF and UNIMORE, the following entites attended the meeting: the University of Padua, the University of Bernezzo, CRAS in Bernezzo, CRAS Marche, DiVAS – University of Milan, Lombardy Region, Emilia Romagna Region, University of Insubria, ARPAL, Aquae Mundi Museum were present.